Ten lessons on the Christian Armour.

These powerpoint presentations can be used in any setting. Especially suitable for teaching young people on the essential need of being equipped to stand against the attacks of the devil.


Introduction: Armour Pictures

Illustrations of Roman Armour. Pictures that illustrate the need to put on the Armour of God.

1. Put on the whole armour (panoply) of God.

Young Christians and experienced leaders all need to be ready at all times equipped with every piece of armour. Satan seeks opportunity to destroy our testimony, our marriage, or our ministry.

2. Beware of worldly substitutes.

We need to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

3. Beware the wiles of the devil

Satan uses bait to trap people. We must beware of his schemes to lure us away from Christ.

4. Stand fast in the liberty of Christ.

The devil seeks opportunity to bring us into bondage.

5. The belt of truth.

The truth of God’s word must be fastened like a belt to our lives.

6. The breastplate of righteousness

Trusting in the righteousness of Christ alone.

7. The Shoes of the Preparation of the Gospel

Standing firm – wrong shoes will provide no grip on the ground.

8. The shield of faith

The shield was the first piece of armour that the Christian must ‘take up’.

9. The helmet of salvation

The helmet protects the mind - depression and discouragement. Protection from the thought of giving up.

10. The sword of the Spirit

The sword is taken from the belt and must be used with great skill.


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