Worshippers are meek and have no agenda of their own. 

They have total disregard concerning their own interests.

The love of Christ is their only motivation.

Their hearts are filled with joy expressed in thanksgiving and praise.

They stand for truth yet they have no axe to grind. 

They are an easy target for the aggressor. 

They make no attempt to defend themselves, but seek only the glory of God.

They are willing to be regarded as nothing for Christ. 


Whether they are honoured, disgraced, or ignored,

It has no influence upon them except in causing them to rejoice. 

They delight in the Lord's will regardless of how low it may make them appear. 

They rejoice not because of temporal blessings, but because

They are heirs of God, joint heirs with Christ, and

All things that belong to the Kingdom of Heaven are theirs. 

They present their lives to the Lord as an offering of love.                                       

They delight in giving for they have learnt to give with joyous laughter.


The Lord anoints them with the oil of gladness, and

Leads them in the path where they are counted fools for Him. 

They rejoice to suffer shame for His name for they know

That if they suffer with Him they shall also reign with Him.       

They rejoice in the wisdom and power of God

Knowing they are united with Christ in His eternal plan and purpose.

Their only concern is to finish their course with joy

And be unashamed when they see the One they love.


They rejoice in all things and for all things

Knowing that all things work together for the good of those 

Who love God and are called according to His purpose.

They spend their lives preparing to enter eternity worshipping

For they seek an abundant entrance into heaven. 

They have one desire and that is to know Him.

And the goal that they seek is far higher than success

It is the prize of the ‘high calling of God in Christ Jesus’.



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