Prayer (1)

Course:  The Importance of Effective Prayer


Course Study Guide (CL104)




Lesson 1:  Effective Prayer                   (Prayer that sees great results, James 5:16-17

Lesson 2: The Importance of Prayer (Prayer must have priority, 1Timothy 2:1-4)

Lesson 3:  The Prayer of Faith             (Prayer must be in Faith, Mark 11:24-26)

Lesson 4:   The Power of Prayer     (Prayer must be in the Holy Spirit, Ephesians 6:18)

Lesson 5: The Secret of Prayer      (Prayer must come out of abiding in Christ, John 15:7)

Lesson 6:  The Strength of Prayer    (Praying in harmony as a body, Matthew 18:19)

Lesson 7: Hindrances to Prayer     (Reasons for unanswered prayer, I John 3:22-24)

Lesson 8:  Prayer for Revival                (Prayer for a general revival, Psalm 85:6)

Lesson 9:  The Time of Prayer             (Praying at all time, Ephesians 6:18)

Lesson 10:  Ask, Seek, Knock             Pray and keep on praying, Luke 11:9-10



Main textbook for the course

R.A.Torrey ‘How to Pray’


Lesson 1             Andrew Murray, ‘Life of George Muller’.

Lesson 2             ‘How to Pray’, Chapter 1.

Lesson 3             ‘How to Pray’, Chapter 5 (2)

Lesson 4             ‘How to Pray’, Chapter 5 (1)

Lesson 5             ‘How to Pray’, Chapter 7

Lesson 6             Andrew Murray, ‘With Christ in the School of Prayer ch.15.

Lesson 7             ‘How to Pray’, Chapter 9

Lesson 8             ‘How to Pray’, Chapter 11

Lesson 9             ‘How to Pray’, Chapter 10

Lesson 10           ‘How to Pray’, Chapter 12