Church History and the New Testament Standard

An introduction to church history from the 1st century until the Reformation


Course Text:  Ephesians 3:21 ‘Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.’


1. Roman Emperors in the 1st century (pdf file)

Historical background to the New Testament. Notes

2. Persecution (pdf file)

Persecution of the Early Church. Notes

3. Worship (pdf file)

How simplicity of worship developed into monasticism and pomp. Notes

4. Hierarchy (pdf file)

How leadership developed into a hierarchy. Notes

5. Heresy (pdf file)

The Development of Heretical teachings in the Church Notes

6a. New Testament Canon (pdf file)

The development of the canon of New Testament scripture

6b. New Testament Manuscripts (pdf file)

Early New Testament manuscripts

6c. New Testament Translation (pdf file)

Translation of the scripures.
Notes (6a/6b/6c)

7. Crusades (pdf file)

From the rise of Islam to the Crusades. Notes

8. Schism and Division (pdf file)

The schism between the Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church and division within the Roman Catholic Church. Notes

9. Pre Reformation Reformers (pdf file)

Reformers before the Reformation. Notes

10. Martin Luther and the Reformation (pdf file)

Martin Luther and the beginning of the 16th century Reformation. Notes

Supplementary Lessons

(9a) Pre Reformation - The Medici (pdf file)

The Renaissance in Florence; the rise of the Medici; Pre Reformation Papacy.

(10a) Reformation - The English Bible (pdf file)

The development of the English Bible from the time of Bede until the King James Version.

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