Followers of Jesus

Daily Verses



John 1:4

When we receive Christ, His life dwells in us.

John 1:12

Children of the King

John 1:14

The Word became flesh

John 3:3

We can only see Godís kingdom through experience

John 3:16

The greatest gift

John 4:23

The Father is seeking worshippers

John 4:29

Excitement and joy in knowing Jesus

John 4:35

Reaching others for Christ

John 6:35

Jesus the bread of life

John 6:37

The gift of God in Jesus Christ is given to all

John 7:37

Living water to those who are thirsty

John 7:37

Only thirst will lead us to drink

John 7:46

The words of Jesus

John 8:11

The preaching of the gospel

John 8:32

We grow in truth through obedience

John 8:36

Freedom is in Christ

John 10:10

A fulfilled life

John 12:3

The fragrance of Jesus poured out through us

John 13:35

Love the evidence of discipleship

John 14:23

Love for Christ

John 15:1

The true vine

John 15:5

United with Him

John 15:7

Abide in Christ

John 15:8

Glorifying the Father with our life

John 15:12

Love as I have loved you

John 15:13

Present our life as an offering of love

John 15:14

Jesus calls us His friends

John 16:33

Peace, joy, strength in trials

John 17:3

Eternal life is union with Christ

John 17:17

Set apart by the word

John 17:21

Unity begins with new life

John 17:22

Separated from the world

John 18:36

The kingdom where Jesus reigns

John 18:36

Those who fight as the world cannot serve Christ

John 18:37

The King calls for His people

John 18:37

His kingdom founded upon truth

John 19:30

It is finished

John 20:20

Excitement and joy

John 20:22

The life of Christ in us

John 20:31

Scripture given to produce life