Daily Verse

February 22

Truth; reality; and moral responsibility.

Revelation 1:7 ‘…and every eye shall see Him,’

Truth remains constant even in a world that rejects its authority.

The world loves the soothing comfort of religion

that will calm its fears;

the reasoning of philosophy that justifies its actions;

and the respect given by society

to those who choose to remain politically correct

in a world devoid of moral responsibility.

When Jesus returns then religion will be confronted by truth;

myth will be consumed by reality;

and political correctness will not be able to hide

the filth of a degenerate society.

When we know that Jesus will soon return

then our only concern should be to obey His word;

to walk in His will;

and to let the things we do and say

reflect the beauty of His character and the sweetness of His love.

February 21