Daily Verse

February 23

The goodness of God has provided all for us.

Psalm 33:5 ‘…the earth is full of the goodness of the LORD.’

The earth is filled with His resources.

The goodness of the Lord is seen in His provision.

He gives all things freely.

The advances of the modern age are made possible

by the resources given to us by the goodness of God.

In every area of life there are new worlds to discover.

For every problem there is a solution to be found;

and for every sickness a cure can be sought.

He provides the means to produce food so that none need go hungry,

and water to satisfy our thirst.

He even saw the destructive, evil, and sinful nature of mankind

and took our sin upon Himself

so that we can receive new life through faith in Jesus Christ.

The goodness of God has provided all for us.

February 22