New Testament Verses



Romans 1:12

The church is not a hierarchy.

Romans 1:16

Not ashamed of the gospel.

Romans 2:11

None but Christ.

Romans 3:25

Propitiation; forgiveness; and reconciliation.

Romans 3:28

Justified by faith.

Romans 4:20

Strong in faith.

Romans 5:1

Peace with God.

Romans 5:3

Glory in tribulation.

Romans 5:5

His love in our hearts.

Romans 5:8

His love stood with us.

Romans 6:1

Freedom in Christ is the freedom to be holy.

Romans 6:5

Buried with Christ; risen with Christ.

Romans 6:14

Not under law; under grace.

Romans 6:18

Free to serve in righteousness.

Romans 7:4

The fruit of a godly life.

Romans 7:22

Jesus died so that His law could be written on our heart.

Romans 8:1

The wisdom; love; and grace of God.

Romans 8:2

Life not the law.

Romans 8:11

The impartation of life.

Romans 8:14

The Holy Spirit guides; teaches; and bears witness.

Romans 8:16

The witness of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 8:18

His glory will be seen in us.

Romans 8:26

Effective prayer.

Romans 8:28

His purpose; our desire.

Romans 8:32

His provision and His love.

Romans 8:37

More than conquerors through His love for us.

Romans 9:3

The heart of an intercessor.

Romans 10:11

All who trust in Him will never be disappointed.

Romans 10:13

If we call, He will answer.

Romans 10:15

The greatest message.

Romans 10:20

He loved us when we were far from Him.

Romans 11:33

The wisdom and knowledge of God.

Romans 12:1

A living sacrifice.

Romans 12:2

Truth will keep us from conformity to the world.

Romans 12:2

Think as children of the King.

Romans 12:21

Power over every evil thing.

Romans 13:8

The debt we owe.

Romans 13:10

The law compels but love is voluntary.

Romans 13:11

Live for Christ.

Romans 14:13

Let the Holy Spirit work in others.

Romans 14:17

Righteousness; peace; joy.

Romans 14:19

Follow after peace.

Romans 15:13

Joy; peace; hope.

Romans 15:14

Evidence of growth.

Romans 15:30

Prayer is working with God.

Romans 16:25

Established in Christ.