Isaac Sharp and Asbjorn Kloster journey to and from Iceland. (June – October 1861)

Journal of Isaac Sharp - June 11-19, 1861

June 11th 1861 (on way to Iceland)

Detained by fog for about 5 hours, now gathering thickly and then clearing, again to gather – cautiously steaming, the Faroe Islands now and then peeping thro’ the mist, we anchored off Thorshavn the capital about 3 pm. Nearly all the passengers went ashore Asbjorn Kloster and myself among the numbers. The town was traversed with some heaviness, our stay being uncertain, and the time not having yet come for entering on our labours. The water cross foot was abundant and very brilliant, and on passing the cemetery there was a primrose in the fullest bloom on the centre of a little grave, a token of touching cherished memory of other days.

Asbjorn Kloster made out one of his countrymen in the harbour, to their mutual satisfaction – We gave a few tracts to the cottagers and returned to the vessel to tea. There was broad day light at 10, and at 12 sufficient light to see the hours and minute hands of a watch.

June 12th 1861

Rain during the night. Barometer at 29 with a head wind. Thermometer 62 – the swell on shore detains the vessel from the difficulty of landing the goods for this place. The captain reports the Barometer has fallen 3 or 4 times since breakfast, notwithstanding which from the shelter of the high land it is comparatively calm at Thorshaven. In the evening we set sail and encountered a head wind and heavy swell and moved on but slowly along a remarkable Island coast, passing in succession many a stern rugged outline and volcanic peak, behind one of which there was a striking sunset, and as we passed on a re-emergence. At length the sun at 10.15 passed out of sight behind a rocky island just above the ocean and amidst a hazy light with varied mountain tints of no ordinary beauty – bright clouds still hovering till after 11; the swell of the ocean was heavy and continuous.

June 13th 1861

In bed rocking and rolling till between 4 and 5 in the afternoon – then sat down to the first meal of the day – wind favourable – neither a bird on the wing nor a sail to be seen – nothing around but a rolling sea.

June 19th 1861

....I think we shall leave Iceland for Faroe in 8th month...

Journey from Iceland

Taken from Narrative of Isaac Sharp's visit to Iceland (1861)

Having been detained by stress of weather we set sail on the 3rd of 10th Month and on the 8th an opportunity was embraced for holding a public meeting at Thorshaven the Capital of the Faroe Islands – About 200 persons attended including two Lutheran priests – It felt to me a solid good meeting.