Isaac Sharp and Asbjorn Kloster in the Faroe Islands (April June 1862)

Journal of Isaac Sharp - April 23, 1862

Arrival at Torshavn

The Faroe Isles were early in sight this morning. About eight we anchored off Thorshaven (Torshavn), the capital. A salute was fired from the battery in recognition of the Governor's arrival, and several of the principal inhabitants came on board to meet him. Among them Hannes Finson, Deputy Governor, and H. C. Muller, the Sysselman*. To the house of the latter we were kindly invited, until we could procure lodgings, there being no hotel in the place. Towards evening we succeeded in obtaining very comfortable quarters at the house of a merchant named Hansen.

*The Sysselman had charge over a particular area in the Faroe Islands.