Letter of Introduction


To the Inhabitants of Iceland, of the Faroe Islands, and of parts of Greenland, as well as to others where these may come.

At a Yearly Meeting of the Ministers and Elders of the religious Society of Friends of Great Britain, held in London on the 21st of the Fifth Month 1861.

Our dear friend Isaac Sharp has informed us, that he believes it to be his duty to pay you a visit in the love of the Gospel.

This prospect of our dear friend has rejoiced the hearts of many amongst us, who feel a lively interest in your present and everlasting welfare.   We greatly desire that this visit may promote your growth in grace and in the knowledge of Christ Jesus our Lord..

Our dear friend has for many years been a Minister of the Gospel, well esteemed amongst us. We desire to encourage him in this work of faith and labour of love, to which we believe he has been called by his Divine Master, to whose direction and care we commend him.

We salute you in the love of the Gospel as fellow professors of the name of Christ, and recommend our beloved brother to your kind Christian regard.

Signed in and on behalf of the Meeting aforesaid.

Thomas Norton