Worship Course 2

Course:  The Heights of Anointed Worship


Course Aim:  …that the student will understand there are higher realms of anointed worship that we should desire and seek after.   


Lesson Eleven: God taking control in worship: the anointing.

Lesson Twelve: Rejoicing in persecution.

Lesson Thirteen: Rejoicing in the Wisdom and Power of God.

Lesson Fourteen: Worshipping with joy in eternity.

Lesson Fifteen: The desire of worship: that I might know Him.

Lesson Sixteen: The great symphony of worship.

Lesson Seventeen: Worshipping in the Holy Spirit

Review: Worshippers

The poem 'Worshippers' is an overview of Worship Courses 1 and 2.


Textbook  - The Higher Calling to Worship