BIBLE (King James Version)


Minor Prophets (pdf files)

1. Hosea

Prophet to Northern Kingdom (755 BC - 710 BC)

2. Joel

Prophet to Southern Kingdom (9th century BC)

3. Amos

Prophet in Bethel, the residence of the King in the Northern Kingdom (end of 9th century beginning of 8th century BC)

4. Obadiah

Prophecy against Edom (848 BC - 841 BC)

5. Jonah

Prophecy in the Northern Kingdom sent to warn Nineveh (758 BC)

6. Micah

Prophet in the Southern Kingdom (735 BC - 710 BC)

7. Nahum

Prophecy concerning Nineveh (663 BC - 653 BC)

8. Habbakuk

Prophecy given for worship in the temple (607 BC)

9. Zephaniah

Prophecy during the reign of Josiah (c. 630 BC)

10. Haggai

Prophecy given to recommence the building of the Second Temple (520-518)

11. Zechariah

Prophecy regarding the building of the Second Temple(520 BC)

12. Malachi

The call to repentance (c.430 BC)