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Daily Verses

We believe in...

1. a church without walls

2. worship without rituals

3. leadership without hierarchy

4. truth without compromise

5. love without prejudice

6. a gospel without partiality

7. grace without merit

8. salvation without works.

The most important qualification for ministry is love for Christ, love for His word, love for His people, and love for the lost.

The essential qualities of a church leader are...

1. humility

2, holiness of life

3. experiential knowledge of justification by faith alone

4. fervency in prayer

5. able to teach doctrinal truth

6. a modest lifestyle

7. trustworthy

8. faithful

Bible Teaching Program

Introducing the Bible Teaching Program (pdf file)

How to start a Bible Teaching Program

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Bible archeology

The Cyrus Cylinder

Developing ministries

The courses on the Bible Teaching Program are designed to help those who desire to teach within a local church environment. Courses will be continuously updated.

The daily verses can also be used to provide topics for short messages. New Testament Verses.

Church History

Church History and the New Testament Standard; An introduction to church history from the 1st century until the Reformation

Ministering life

The church in the book of Acts preached Christ. The believers were filled with His life; endued with His power; walked in His love; and gave themselves to His word. They held truth to be more important than the need for acceptance or recognition. They were filled with joy and excitement. They eagerly told others about Jesus because they had experienced Him. They preached because they had a message that brought life to whosoever believes.

Example of teaching from the Bible Teaching Program

Meaning of Repentance

Repentance means ‘to change our thinking’.

Repentance moves us from carnality to Christ.

In Christ we find life where we are brought out of the carnal mind and into the spiritual mind.

The carnal mind is rooted in all things associated with self; Works of the flesh

(1) sexual immorality both active and in the mind;

(2) religious, atheistic and materialistic idolatry which includes all the religions and philosophies of the world;

(3) self enthronement and the armoury of self that defends the so called rights of self; and

(4) the fast lane of the carnal mind where one lets go of inhibitions through excessive drink; drugs; or through the influence of others.

In the spiritual mind we grow in Christ and we put on Christ. The fruit of the Spirit is produced by growth in Christ; the armour of God must be put on. The evidence of new life in Christ is the shift from the carnal mind to the spiritual mind.

Teaching on worship

The higher calling to worship

New Testament worship is not led by musicians; it is a lifestyle. The instruments of our worship are obedience; love; and joy. The Holy Spirit will be the conductor of our worship as long as we are sensitive to follow His leading.

Current affairs

What the New Testament teaches about lesbianism and homosexuality (Romans 1:26-27).

Romans 1:26-27 shows the unnatural nature of homosexuality and lesbianism.

Two kinds of homophobia.

Textbook from Prayer (1)

R.A.Torrey - How to Pray

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