How can I start a Bible Teaching Program?

Be courageous and start with a small group.

Teach the lesson wherever opportunity arises - at a Bible study group; a cell group; a young people's group; a coffee morning; or with friends in the home - wherever opportunity arises.

Teachers only need to be one lesson ahead of the class.


This is how the Bible Teaching Program works:

Anyone can teach courses from the Bible Teaching Program.

1. Learn the lesson.

2. Gather a small group (can be an informal coffee morning or cell group).

3. Teach the lesson using the lesson notes, but try to use personal illustrations whenever possible.

4. Allow discussion.

5. Arrange time for next lesson.

6. Use contact page on this website if you need help to answer questions; to let us know what you are doing; or to send prayer requests

Beginning a Bible Teaching Program

1. The teacher gives the lesson as described above but encourages the group to find opportunity to teach the lesson.

2. Members of the group then develop an extension group to teach - this can be friends in the home; a cell group; a coffee morning Bible study or even a Church Bible study.

3. People from these extension groups can also become teachers.

4. Every leader becomes responsible for his or her group, and may need to have responsibility for extension groups. Responsibility means as 'fellow helpers'. There is no place for hierarchical leadership as this will prevent new leaders developing.


Benefits of the Bible Teaching Program over Full Time Bible School:

1. It allows people to be in work and yet receive training that is of more practical benefit than studying at a Residential Bible School.

2. It gives responsibility of leadership to many who would never be in a leadership position.

3. Leaders become a database providing information for others to teach rather than doing the teaching themselves.  

4. It immediately encourages people to teach as it is only necessary for the teacher to be one lesson ahead of his or her class.

5. It produces growth, ministries and reproduction.