Rules for First Aid



The First Aider uses:


1. Common sense and


2. Two hands.



The 4 rules of First Aid?


1. Stop the accident


2. Apply life saving First Aid


3. Call for Help


4. Assist the patient




1. How do we stop the accident?


Car crash - put triangle in road to warn other drivers.


If a post is lying across a patient's body - remove the post.


Electric Shock - switch off electric current.




2. How do we give life saving first aid?


Speak to patient


Check patient response - tap patient or pinch ear


Check breathing


If breathing then put patient in recovery position.



3. How do we put a person into the recovery position?


Left arm up


Right arm across


Bend right leg


Pull over holding knee of right leg


Put head up so breathing is not blocked.



4. If patient is not breathing


Check pulse use fingers not thumb (pulse is in the thumb).


Mouth to nose or mouth to mouth resuscitation


Chest compressions


15 chest compressions -2 ventilations


How to do Chest compressions - From the level of the lowest rib, measure upwards a distance of 2 fingers along the chest bone. Place the ball of the hand on this postion and add the other hand on top.



5. What do we do if patient is bleeding?


a) If blood is flowing then it is a vein. When possible lift the bleeding ligament above the heart.


b) If blood is pumping then it is an artery. Use ligature or tourniquet to stop bleeding artery



Rule - do not move the patient except if in danger.



6. Treating Burns


Use water


Careful with baby only put water on burnt area.



7. Heart condition

Pain in chest - pain in left arm (sometimes pain in both arms)

Damage to heart occurs during first six hours after this it is too late.

Patient must get medical help immediately.


8. Stroke

Check symptoms - Remember FAST

F - FACE (numbness)

A - ARMS (unable to lift arm)

S - SPEECH (unable to speak properly, trouble understanding)

T - TIME (Go to hospital as fast as possible)




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