Isaac Sharp and Asbjorn Kloster in the Faroe Islands (April – June 1862)

Journal of Isaac Sharp - April 30, 1862


The weather this morning is exceedingly dull, much rain has fallen in the night and it continues dark and dreary, wet and winter-like.  At eight o'clock from ninety to 100 assembled; it proved a good open time, the people being very attentive and still.


About noon we left for Rottefiord (Kollafjordur), and on calling at the house of a serious, intelligent peasant, John C. T. Djurhuus, we were cordially welcomed; a room in the house was cheerfully granted in which to hold our meeting. The wife and daughter of our host quickly prepared for us an ample meal. At five o’clock from fifty to sixty assembled. At the close of the meeting a spontaneous "Tak Tak Tak" passed through the room, intended to convey an appreciation of our visit. A very sweet feeling was present, and considerable tenderness manifested, while Asbjorn Kloster, ere we parted from this interesting family, addressed a few words of lively Christian interest. The Scriptures, particularly of the Old Testament, are scarce in this district and in many other parts of Faroe. The wind and rain continued, but about half-past eight we were favoured to reach our comfortable quarters at Thorshaven (Torshavn).