Isaac Sharp in the Faroe Islands (April – June 1862)

Meetings held by Isaac Sharp and Asbjørn Kloster in the Faroe Islands (April – June 1862)

Meeting held in Hvalba

Sunday June 1st

Meeting held 3pm.

About 80 people attended including the pastor C.F.Nielsen.

Isaac Sharp wrote 'In the hour of need we were not forsaken, but, in condescending goodness were, I believe, helped and owned while endeavouring to set forth the spiritual character of true religion. The people, though much crowded, were very quiet and attentive.'

Meeting held on Skuvoy

Monday June 2nd

20 assembled for the meeting which was held in a house.

Meeting held on Hestur

Tuesday June 3rd

Not much interest shown. but small meeting still held around 7am.

Meeting held on Koltur

Tuesday June 3rd

Arrived Koltur at 9.30am and held meeting. Left at 11.30am.

Isaac Sharp wrote 'After the meeting, there was a sweet and peaceful feeling, much in contrast with that experienced on the island we had previously left.'

Meeting held on Mykines

Wednesday June 4th

Between midday and 1pm about 50 people assembled together.

Asbjørn Kloster spoke and also interpreted Isaac Sharp.

Meeting held in Sorvagur

Thursday June 5th

Meeting held at about 9.30am.

In Torshavn

June 6th - 13th

'A few days have been quietly spent in resting, writing, making inquiries as to the sale and distribution of the Scriptures, and in preliminary preparation for departure.'

Meeting held in Saksun

Sunday 15th June

26 assembled for meeting in the morning.

Meeting held in Haldarsvik

Sunday 15th June

More than 100 assembled for meeting in the afternoon. Some of those attending had come from Tjornuvik.

Meeting held in Torshavn

Monday 16th June

70 attended the meeting in the 'Thing House' (Hall of Justice).

Homeward journey

June 17th- 27th

May 1862

April 1862