Isaac Sharp and Asbjorn Kloster in the Faroe Islands (April June 1862)

Journal of Isaac Sharp - April 26, 1862


Rose at five, and at eight held a little meeting with the people of Skaapen (Skopun), twenty-five being present. Heavenly good, I trust, was near.


The morning was fine, and after a pleasant sail of two hours and a half, we landed on the Island of Nalsoe (Nolsoy). Our chief boatman or guide proves a very satisfactory man. On leaving the boat he went with us to one of the principal men in this little community, who readily made way for a meeting in his house, which was very neat and clean. Refreshment was quickly provided for us, some nice fresh eggs, forming a part; domestic fowls are much more commonly kept in Faroe than Iceland, a small portion of grain is annually grown in the former, and none in the latter. Our kind host said, can you put off your meeting till two? some would come now, more then. Accordingly, at half-past two about forty met. Asbjorn Kloster had good service, and we left peacefully soon after four, the weather continuing favourable, and in about an hour, reached our comfortable quarters at Thorshaven (Torshavn).