Isaac Sharp and Asbjorn Kloster in the Faroe Islands (April June 1862)

Journal of Isaac Sharp - April 27, 1862

Dublin Yearly Meeting: dear friends of that land and those in attendance from England are in lively remembrance.


In the forenoon Asbjorn Kloster and myself sat down together, I trust it may be said to our refreshment and comfort; prayer and thanksgiving were uttered, under a precious sense that in condescending mercy, the great and good Master has brought us thus far on our way in safety and in peace. Of the 800 inhabitants of Thorshaven (Torshavn) more, I think, than one-third assembled at the Thurg House" at six. The newly-appointed governor and his wife, and a considerable number of the principal inhabitants were there. The meeting lasted nearly two hours, during which Asbjorn Kloster and myself were both engaged at considerable length. The morning's prayer was, I thankfully believe, in mercy answered, that the Lord would be pleased to open the hearts of the people, to receive the message which He might give in charge. The language was revived, "Blessed are they who do hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled," "Give us this day our daily bread." In these gospel days, it is the privilege of the Christian to feed on Christ. In a healthy state of the body and in a healthy state of the soul, true hunger and true thirst will be alike felt-the one for the nourishment of the mortal frame-the other for the bread of life, &c. It was a good meeting.

Narrative account.